The Role of the Section

The Role of the Order of the Arrow Section, as defined by the Order of the Arrow Field Operations Guide, is to “provide a direct inter-Council forum for Lodge and Chapter leaders, bringing them together for fellowship and mutual improvement through the exchange of ideas.”(1) Here are some of the things we do:

Conduct an annual meeting, called a Conclave, for “training and inspirational activities”

The Section’s first main goal is to organize a Section Conclave. Section W6W currently holds its Conclave on the third weekend of October. The event is held at different locations within the Section each year, traveling from one “Host Lodge” to another. The Section leadership takes Conclave planning very seriously, aiming to create an event that is exciting and memorable for all attending Arrowmen. The weekend schedule typically contains useful training sessions, fun sporting events, ceremony evaluations, Lodge competitions, social time and entertaining shows. In the background, the Section leadership is also responsible to make sure that the event is properly promoted and that the financial and administrative requirements of the event are met. An average Conclave usually has over 300 participants from all over the Section, plus visiting guests from other lodges across the country.

Organizes a Section Assistance Team to guide member lodges toward greater success.

The Section also organizes a “Section Assistance Team” which meets with key youth and adult leaders of a Lodge to discuss the Lodge’s program. At this time, useful advice and mentorship will be given to the Lodge leadership from experienced leaders of the Section. This Section Assistance Program does the important job of strengthening member lodges and encouraging fellowship among youth and adult leaders to encourage growth and participation for both the Lodges and the Section, as well as assists Lodges in achieving Journey to Excellence recognition.

Provides leadership development opportunities for Arrowmen

Section Officers (Chief, Vice Chief and Secretary) are elected at each Conclave. The Arrowman chosen as Section Chief automatically become the Section’s delegate to the National Planning Meeting, where the National Order of the Arrow program is administered. To run for Section office, an Arrowmen must obtain a letter of approval from the local Council Scout Executive and submit it to the Section Adviser prior to the Conclave weekend.

In addition to running for Section Office, our Section offers leadership opportunities to interested Section Arrowmen to lead a portion of the Conclave planning as a Conclave Vice Chief, or CVC. The panel of CVCs conduct the bulk of detailed Conclave planning and administration, with each CVC overseeing one aspect of the Conclave, including both program and administrative functions, e.g. Shows, Training, Activities, Registration, etc. The CVCs are generally appointed in the winter and spend the whole year preparing their part of the Conclave.

Builds a link between Arrowmen and the National Order of the Arrow, fosters understanding and adherence to Order of the Arrow policies and procedures, and coordinates other program functions to the mutual benefit of member Lodges.

The Section holds Council of Chiefs meetings where Section Officers and Lodge Chiefs meet to discuss Conclave Planning and Lodge Programs. The Section uses these meetings as a way to monitor and mentor the progress of the member lodges, again strengthening the Section by providing support to lodges and youth leaders in the Section. As our leaders are also our delegates to National, it provides a forum for communication to pass down to National and up to all Arrowmen in the Section.

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