2018 Conclave Training Update

The Section officers are taking a new approach to Conclave training this year. Instead of the traditional approach of packing the class options with as many classes and activities the COC can come up with, the officers decided to spread the training responsibilities across all of the section committees. This training structure is more focused on providing you the tools and technical skills necessary to further strengthen your own lodges and chapters within multiple different disciplines.

This has led to the current training structure of using “tracks” and “guided Workshops” with a schedule of:

  • Training Session 1
  • Training Session 2
  • Training Session 3
  • Lunch
  • Guided Workshop 1
  • Guided Workshop 2

Tracks: Grouping of similar classes

You do not need to take classes from only one track.

However, tracks are there to guide you in what classes to take if you are only interested in one topic.

Guided Workshops: Structured activities

You do not need to partake in a guided workshop, there is an “Open” option if you would prefer to go straight to the midway and other Conclave activities.

These are the fun activities that may have been training sessions in the past, but do not teach a specific leadership or technical skill necessary to strengthen our lodges as organizations.

This includes activities such as: loom beading, metal working, dancing, etc…

Training Session 1:

The first session is designed to introduce the broad topic of its respective track and why it is important to us as leaders trying to advance our lodges.

Training Sessions 2 & 3:

Sessions 2 & 3 are focused on a particular aspect of the respective track and will supply you with the technical skills necessary to execute the new concepts within your lodges and chapters.

Vincent Despain

Vincent has served as a Section Chief in two different sections.  He was the Section W3N Chief in 2015 - 2016 and was the section W6W Chief in 2017-2018.