Chief Ajay’s Conclave Promises

2019 Section W6W Chief Ajay Kumar made promises to the Council of Chiefs at the annual Section Leadership Retreat. These promises are based upon our ability to attend Conclave and encourage our fellows to attend with us. The promises are described below.

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2018 Conclave Training Update

The Section officers are taking a new approach to Conclave training this year. Instead of the traditional approach of packing the class options with as many classes and activities the COC can come up with, the officers decided to spread the training responsibilities across all of the section committees. This training structure is more focused on providing you the tools and technical skills necessary to further strengthen your own lodges and chapters within multiple different disciplines.

This has led to the current training structure of using “tracks” and “guided Workshops” with a schedule of:

  • Training Session 1
  • Training Session 2
  • Training Session 3
  • Lunch
  • Guided Workshop 1
  • Guided Workshop 2

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From the 2018 Section W6W Chief

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On April 20th to 22nd, I had the pleasure of joining my good friend David James, Section W2N Chief, for his Conclave. Upon landing in Denver, I had quickly realized that I was in fact not ready for the expected cold weather. During the race up to Buffalo, Wyoming, we were able to beat the incoming snow in Cheyenne and were met with sunshine for the rest of the weekend in Buffalo. Read More