From the 2018 Section W6W Chief

Arrowside Chat

On April 20th to 22nd, I had the pleasure of joining my good friend David James, Section W2N Chief, for his Conclave. Upon landing in Denver, I had quickly realized that I was in fact not ready for the expected cold weather. During the race up to Buffalo, Wyoming, we were able to beat the incoming snow in Cheyenne and were met with sunshine for the rest of the weekend in Buffalo. Read More

From the 2018 Section W6W Chief

Arrowside Chat

Dear Arrowmen,

In October you elected me as your 2018 Section W6W Chief. I write to you now after my classes for the day and just before the Section’s first Council of Chiefs meeting. This meeting on Saturday will be the first step in creating a new vision for our great Section. Representing scouts from across three states and two time zones, it is important that our new vision is inclusive, encouraging, and steady. Read More

Letter From Elijah Martin


It’s nearly November and I want you to know that we are already hard at work planning for our 2017 year! Last week I attended the Western Region Gathering, where I, along with my fellow Western Region section Chiefs and our section Adviser, learned a lot about our roles and collaborated on ideas to help our region and section programs. In December I will be attending the OA National Planning Meeting, where, among other things, I will be contributing to planning for our 2017 national program of emphasis (Jamboree).

For next year, I plan for us to meet four times, two in person, and two remote. The two in-person meetings will be in Las Vegas for the on-site SLR/COC, and the second in august, location TBD. Our first meeting is January 14, which will be an electronic meeting. I’ll share an agenda, how to participate, and more details on this meeting soon.

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween and I will keep you updated on other developments as we move along.

Yours in Service,

Elijah Martin
Section W6W Chief