“Our Story”- the National Scouting Historian Summit

Learning about Scouting History is one thing, but what about spending a week at Philmont with Section leaders, notable historians, and OA brothers from across the country? Sign me up!

That’s what I said when I read about the first ever Summit devoted to nothing but Scouting history. I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Scouting Historian Summit at Philmont Training Center for the sole purpose of paying it forward. What do I mean by that?

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Conclave In Japan?

Japan Conclave Attendees
Japan Conclave Attendees

Could you imagine having to take a 10 hour flight and 4 hour bus ride with a cost of over $600 just to get to conclave?

That is exactly what many of the Section W6P members had to do to attend the 2018 W6P Conclave in Japan in April. With most of the normal attendees being from the two lodges on the Hawaiian islands, it was quite a trek to get to conclave. Read More