Chief Ajay’s Conclave Promises

2019 Section W6W Chief Ajay Kumar made promises to the Council of Chiefs at the annual Section Leadership Retreat. These promises are based upon our ability to attend Conclave and encourage our fellows to attend with us. The promises are described below.


1. If more more youth attend this year’s Conclave than last year, Ajay will wear a turtleneck sweater throughout the weekend. There were only 116 youth in attendance last year!

2. If 200 youth attend this year’s Conclave, Ajay will cut his hair like Steve Jobs.

3. If 75 arrowmen attend their first Conclave this year, all the first time youth in attendance will be entered in a raffle for a big prize!


These deals were made to fit the theme of this year’s Conclave: Conclave 2.0. Conclave 2.0 is intended to bring innovation to our annual event in a manner that replicates that of a big tech reveal, such as an Apple showcase or the annual E3 events.




Vincent Despain

Vincent has served as a Section Chief in two different sections.  He was the Section W3N Chief in 2015 - 2016 and was the section W6W Chief in 2017-2018.