From the 2018 Section W6W Chief

Arrowside Chat

Dear Arrowmen,

In October you elected me as your 2018 Section W6W Chief. I write to you now after my classes for the day and just before the Section’s first Council of Chiefs meeting. This meeting on Saturday will be the first step in creating a new vision for our great Section. Representing scouts from across three states and two time zones, it is important that our new vision is inclusive, encouraging, and steady.

My officers and I are prepared to take on the year one innovative solution at a time. In Vegas last year, I stood in front of you all and promised to increase Conclave attendance numbers, so we can further enjoy the true fellowship of a Conclave. I also promised you all that we are going to do something about the “lull” in the Conclave program. My final promise to you all was to improve and develop the Section’s lodge support program and improve transparency and mobility between the Section and all of you.

I do intend on staying true to my promises to you all. In the words of past W6W Chief Vianney Careaga, not all politicians are dirty. This Saturday will bring forth the new vision in our Section’s leadership structure. My COC will host streamlined committees that encourage a true committee system. Everyone who is interested and able is strongly encouraged to step up and lend a hand in the Conclave planning process. There seems to be this thought that you have to know the right people or have specific qualifications to get involved with Section and Conclave. This is not the truth, everyone has something they can contribute. Just fill out the form on the home page and we will place you on your preferred committee and get you involved.

I am looking forward to serving you all this year!

Vincent Despain

Vincent Despain

Vincent has served as a Section Chief in two different sections.  He was the Section W3N Chief in 2015 - 2016 and was the section W6W Chief in 2017-2018.