From the 2018 Section W6W Chief

Arrowside Chat

On April 20th to 22nd, I had the pleasure of joining my good friend David James, Section W2N Chief, for his Conclave. Upon landing in Denver, I had quickly realized that I was in fact not ready for the expected cold weather. During the race up to Buffalo, Wyoming, we were able to beat the incoming snow in Cheyenne and were met with sunshine for the rest of the weekend in Buffalo.

For those of you that don’t know, Section W2N is composed of 4 lodges that primarily make up Montana, Wyoming, and parts of South Dakota, and Colorado. This means that even the central location of Buffalo, Wyoming posed an 8-hour drive for many of those in attendance. While few of us in 6W can fathom this, it’s the reality for 2N every year. David’s Conclave more than made up for the drive though!

At the 2N Conclave, I met a lot of great people, became an honorary member of Crazy Horse Lodge, and learned a game that we may have at our own Conclave (pictured below). 2N also hosted a service project at nearby Fort Phil Kearny. There, we marked the path for a hiking trail for a PTSD rehab program. During this, we all decided it was a great idea to run up a giant hill for a picture next to some historical monument. It wasn’t until about halfway up the hill that I realized the elevation there was much higher than my home in Tempe… I made it and we got some cool pictures though (pictured below).

During the Conclave shenanigans, we played tug of war. At one point, David challenged me to a 1 vs 1 tug of war match to prove which Section is best between 2N and 6W. As the referee counted down, David looked at me and said, “I’m about to show you why you were runner-up for Region Chief”. When the ref said go, in the name of Robbie Roadrunner, I pulled David off his feet and dragged him across the field. Arrowmen of 2N now know that 6W is the greatest Section!

Overall, I had a great time in Central Wyoming! I was able to bring the Phoenix sun with me for the weekend and met some of the greatest arrowmen I have ever met. I learned of a cool new game and saw a service project successfully executed here. I am looking at bringing them to our own Conclave. Congratulations and best of luck to the new officers of 2N.

New game from W2N Conclave
Crazy Horse and Chief Vince at 2N Conclave

Vincent Despain

Vincent has served as a Section Chief in two different sections.  He was the Section W3N Chief in 2015 - 2016 and was the section W6W Chief in 2017-2018.