From The Chief

Arrowmen of Section W6W,

As one chapter of our Order comes to an end, another begins. It will be up to us, all of us, to fill the pages of this next chapter with meaningful experiences, with new friendships, and with our legacy. 2015 offers our section a lot of opportunity to grow in our fulfillment to our mission and purpose. This is our time: our time to help lay the foundation for the Order’s Second Century, our time to inspire Arrowmen to do great things, and our time to put on the best Conclave our Section has ever seen. It will not be an easy task, but with the help of Arrowmen in the section it can be achieved.

This Planbook has been assembled by your Section W6W Council of Chiefs as a reference to guide the section in the right direction. In this document, you will find information pertaining to Section Operation. Section Operation is an important focus of the Section Leadership as it deals with the relationship and betterment of the Lodges within the Section. It also helps clarify the Section’s prerogative as an organizational structure of the Order of the Arrow. You will also find five major strategic goals that I have laid out for the Section to achieve in the Centennial Year of our Order. The five goals will focus on Lodge Support, Conclave, Leadership Development, Communication, and National Involvement. These goals will not only serve as the guide for what our section will be doing in 2015, but will also serve as the foundation for the future leadership of our section.

The Order of the Arrow is a “thing of the spirit.” A spirit that founder E. Urner Goodman described as being expressed in Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. We will emerge from our Centennial united, staying true to who we are, welded closer together through the bonds of brotherhood, and brought back into the fullness that lies within our traditions. Our time has come to think bigger, reach farther, and climb higher than our section has ever gone before. Together we can take the first bold step, begin to write the next chapter of our section, and realize together: that our future lies within us.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Vianney M. Careaga
2014-2015 Section W6W Chief

Vianney Careaga

Vianney served as Section W6W Secretary in 2010 - 2012 as well as Section W6W Chief in 2012 - 2013 and 2014 - 2015.