American Indian Affairs

There are three large portions of AIA this year at Conclave: training in the morning, the pow wow in the afternoon, and also a craft exhibit/ competition before the Pow Wow.

The trainings in the morning that AIA offers are Loom Beading 101, in which, you will learn to use a loom to be able to create crafts, such as necklaces, or any other intricate beadworks. Introduction to Dance, where you will learn about each of the Native American dances: Southern Straight, Northern Traditional, Grass Dance, and Fancy Dancing; along with some of the history of each. Indian Lore, in which you will learn about some Native American stories and traditions. And, Native American Clothing, where you will learn about the clothing worn during dances, and what each piece is. Also during this class, you will have the opportunity to make either a choker or a bell kit. One kit is required for the class, and you get to choose the kit you put together. These kits are available for $6 for chokers, and $12 for bell kits, which you can also make in the afternoon at the craft exhibit.

The craft exhibit in the afternoon will allow for people who would like to learn about how to make chokers or bell kits to be able to make them, as well as allow experienced beaders, feather workers, and outfitters to display their items. There will be prizes for each of these categories. So, we encourage anyone who has any beading, feather work, and/or outfitting to come out and show off their work!

Finally, the annual Pow Wow will take place. Anyone who is interested in Native American dancing, and experienced dancers are welcome to dance in the Pow Wow. If you do not want to dance, we still hope to see you there, as it will be a part of this year’s Active Arrowman Award. This is a truly wonderful experience, and is the pinnacle of the AIA activities at the Section W6W conclave. All Arrowmen are invited to bring their dance regalia if they have it; both youth AND adult!

The AIA committee is looking forward to a fabulous W6W conclave, and we hope to see you all there!