Youth Auction at the 2015 Section W6W Conclave

Patch Auctions

Once again W6W will be hosting 3 auctions to help raise money for the youth of this section.

Auctions will be held at the following times:

  • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM:  Silent Auctions (Dining Hall Porch)
  • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM:  Youth Live Auction (Dining Hall)
  • 7:15 PM – 8:30 PM:  Live Auctions (Dining Hall)

All proceeds from the auctions go in to the general fund of the section where the Section Leadership designates the best place for the monies to be spent.

As you know, the items from these auctions are all donated by you the members of W6W and for your continued contributions we thank you. Without the generous amount of items provided, we would not be able to hold these very successful auctions. Once again it is time for all of us to donate to the cause, and if you donate a minimum of $100 you will receive a “Donor” patch signifying that YOU were responsible for another successful W6W auction !! I would like to Thank You all in advance for donating your items. Last year only 25 donors received the patch so by giving your items you are a member of a very exclusive club. Lodges can also donate items and you will receive the Donor Patch for your Lodges History area !!

On Friday evening there will be 3 boxes located in the trading post, one for youth live auction one for the general live auction and the last for the silent auction. You decide where your donation will be best served, so put it in the box you want but please let one of the auction team see the donations prior to putting them in the boxes so we can verify that $100 worth of items is going in the boxes. This is how your name will be put on the donors list and you will receive your patch on Saturday evening.

If you cannot make the conclave for some reason and would still like to donate some items please contact Gary Hnydowitz (602) 469-0824 to make arrangements. If you are in the Phoenix area we can arrange for pick up your items and then you decide which box the items can be deposited in. If you live outside the Phoenix metro area you can send your items to:

Gary Hnydowitz at: 16617 S. 27th Lane Phoenix, Az 85045

Once again the team of very talented individuals is gearing up for a great conclave auction but we need you to step up and donate !! Remember that all the donations help out the youth of W6W……


Jason, Scooter, Chuck, Rick, Gary and Tim ( W6W Auction Team )

We Need Your Patch Auction Donations

Send Your Donations To:

Section W6W Patch Auction

c/o Gary Hnydowitz

16617 S. 27th Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85045

2018 Section W6W Donor Patch

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