Inductions and Ceremonies Evaluation (ICE)

Inductions and Ceremonial Events

Inductions and Ceremonies at conclave is really has two parts. First is the training in the morning and Ceremony Evaluation in the afternoon.

In the morning there are three classes to learn about ceremonies and how they are evaluated. The entry level class is Introduction to Ceremonies where you learn about why there are ceremonies in the OA and some of the basics of how they are performed. the next level class, Advanced Ceremonies, gets into the nuts and bolts of what is needed for ceremonies and best practices of how the actors can make them more memorable. then finally there is the Ceremonies Evaluation class which does a deep dive into what is looked at in the evaluation of ceremonies teams when being evaluated at conclaves or at NOAC.

Attention all Ceremonial Teams!

Evaluations for the Pre-Ordeal ceremony and the Brotherhood ceremony will be held at Conclave 2017 in Las Vegas, AZ on Saturday October 21st,  beginning at 1:00pm.

This is a great opportunity for all levels of teams from beginning to highly experienced to perform their ceremony and receive positive critiques and suggestions for improvement.  Ceremony teams will be rated on their own performance and will be evaluated against the National Standard guidelines.  All teams meeting the National Standard will be recognized as an ‘Honor Team’ and will receive a limited edition Order of the Arrow die-cast medal.

For Ceremony Team evaluations, the National Standard for ‘Honor Team’ is:
1) At least three of the four principles must be rated “Excellent” or “Outstanding”
2) No more than one principle is rated “Good”
3) No principle is rated “Fair” overall or in any one category
4) No movement in the movements diagrams may be altered

For more information on the evaluation process, please refer to the Order of the Arrow Field Operations Guide: